Monday, June 12, 2017

Options for Displaying Multiple Images

After you have chosen your main wall display, what do you do with the other images from the session that you love? Here are a few ideas:

The Watercolor Panel- Three images framed and ready for your wall!


The Watercolor Panel with the typical black frame.
The vertical orientation is perfect for small walls.


The Modern Collage is four images presented
on a canvas wrap with one larger image
and three smaller. We will customize the design
to fit your images and style.


Show all those faces that
make you smile.
The Expressions Collage is
 typically presented as a 20x20 canvas.


The 10x20 Standout Collage is a perfect wall display for up to 8 images.
The traditional folio holds 8 4x5 prints.


The perfect keepsake! The 10x10 book will hold 20-50 images.
Wait until you see it in person. Stunning!


Traditional prints never go out of style.
These packages are a great value for those that
using their portraits as gifts. Mix and match any
size up to 8x10!
Christmas or any time of year, greeting cards
 are a great way to share your images
 with family and friends. Our most popular cards are
5x7 with one image on the front and several more inside.

25 for 125.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

What Do People See in a Haugen's Portrait?

What do you see in a Haugen's portrait? Not superficial signs of aging but rather a meaningful evolution in relationships.

Beyond a mirror image, it can clarify who you are and how you see yourselves.

Not the weight of responsibilities but a thousand memories.

Your portrait will trigger special feeling like when you hear an old song.... taking you back to a special time.

Meaningful connections that you will want displayed in every room.

Do you want us to create a Haugen's portrait for you?