Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Do Your Wedding Photographs Really Mean to You?

by Miriam Haugen
I learned something new yesterday about the importance of this "photography thing" that Neil and I do. I’ve always known that when the big day is done, the wedding cake is gone, the flowers are wilted, the dress is cleaned and packed away, what is left is the wedding album. Brides and grooms look at that album year after year, while the memories come flooding back of that most important day in their lives.
But recently, a man that has been married over 25 years taught me a new way of looking at what we do.
Yesterday, I had a newly married couple and her parents in the studio to look at their wedding images and plan a wedding album. When we were finished and Mom had left the room, Dad turned to the couple and said. "You know every married couple goes through rough times. It’s inevitable."
The couple were thinking, "Oh no, here comes the lecture."
He continued, "No this isn’t a lecture. I want you to know that I found something that helped me through those hard times when being married wasn’t so fun. Your mother doesn’t know this, but I would go off by myself and pull out that wedding album and remember why I got married in the first place. It really helped."
What a great testimony to the importance of wedding albums! When I look at mine, I see our young, fresh faces, full of love and hope for the future and I, too, am reminded of all things good. Keep remembering, and keep on loving!