Friday, August 22, 2014

Kairos Community Directories

The Kairos Story

For over 38 years, Neil and I have been photographing families, children, a ton of high school seniors with weddings thrown into the mix. We still love what we do and have no plans to slow down. Along the way, we had opportunities to photograph church directories but we looked at how the big national companies did it and just couldn't see ourselves doing it. High pressure sales and cookie cutter photography seemed to be "the way it was done". "No thank you!" we thought.

Enter Cherie Renae. 

Cherie has been our dear friend for many years. Long before she became a photographer, our kids played together, we played church league softball, sang together, cried together, prayed together. After her husband passed away suddenly, Neil and I became her mentors and she started her own portrait studio.

When our church decided that it was time for a directory, Cherie said, "Let me think about it. Maybe there is a different way to do this." She came up with the idea of giving back to the church a percentage of the money earned. The church directory became a fund raiser, a ministry, and a partnership between herself and the church.

She did a number of directories on her own but now we are helping her to spread the love to a bigger community. We have formed a new LLC called Kairos (a Greek word meaning "God time") and are working on our second directory. 

We are on our way! Exciting times for us. Neil and I will be doing some photography, as needed, but are working primarily behind the scenes to make sure that the quality is high, the delivery is speedy and everyone is thrilled. Here is my new digital business card:

If you have questions about Kairos feel free to contact me at 503-983-8973 or email 

Happy times!