Friday, July 3, 2009

Lizbeth and Bart

Lizbeth grew up in Monmouth/Independence and even went to school with Anna but we never had a chance to photograph her until she got engaged. Bart kept hearing about Haugens and he insisted that they needed to come in and talk to us about photographing the wedding. We are SO glad you did, Bart. It has been a joy getting to know the two of you.
Loved the Mariachi Band and the great food!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jenna and Trevor

It was a perfect day. Clear sky, farm land stretching up to the foothills of the Cascades on the east and Marys Peak smiling down on us from the west. A perfect day that Jenna and Trevor had been planning for a year. The day they laughed, cried, danced and partied. The day they said, "Like it or not, you are stuck with me now!"

Jenna, you have an inner beauty that shines through you. Trevor, you are a true "class act". It has been awesome to get to know the two of you and I look forward to photographing your babies some day!