Friday, June 8, 2012


“Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood - finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.” 
-Jodi Picoult, Perfect Match

Mothering.......What do you think of when you hear this word? The aroma of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, a band-aid and a kiss to a skinned knee, or the creak of a rocking chair as a sick child is comforted in loving arms?

It is this and much more.

Being a mother is the most important job in the world. Period. A mother provides love, structure, A mother is a teacher, an authority figure, a mentor, and a nurturer. The job of a mother is to push, prod, cheer and love unconditionally as she guides a tiny miracle of creation to honorable man or womanhood.

This is a life long process. It is a task filled with joy and intense emotion and it is never completely "done".

Forgive me for using the feminine gender. I don't mean to leave out fathers or diminish their importance. I firmly believe that the ideal environment for raising children involves a mother and a father working together. I could have given this post the title of "parenting" but that word doesn't carry the same emotional weight for me. I am a woman, after all.

I love everything about being a mother (....except potty training ! .... temper tantrums are something I could live without, for that matter. But if it was all perfect and easy, would you appreciate the successes as much?) This is why you will see posts about child rearing and the art of making a house a home interspersed with posts showing the latest happenings at the studio.

I would love to hear your ideas so feel free to leave comments or message me!