Monday, May 16, 2016

Gentle House & The Portrait Park- Two Favorite Places to Photograph

Planning an outdoor portrait session? I get asked all the time if I have any favorite spots so I decided to share with you two of my favorites...

Gentle House

Gentle House is a beautiful place In Monmouth to photograph. Since it is rented out for weddings and events, we need to be careful that it isn't booked for something before planning your portrait session for this location. There are lots of ideas and backgrounds available and it is handicap accessible!

Here are a few of the ideas that are possible:

Haugen's Portrait Park

Located on the outskirts of Monmouth-Independence, the portrait park is 8 1/2 acres of beautiful, rustic landscape. We have a pond, swings and an old tractor that little boys love. This is more farm-like and not as manicured as Gentle House.

Do you have a special place or activity that you love? Let's get together and brainstorm about YOUR perfect portrait session.