Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Story

It is only natural that I am a photographer. I grew up in a family of avid amateur photographers, learning to develop film and make my own black and white prints at the age of 12. I still have the camera that my dad bought me, a Yashica twin lens reflex that took 120 roll film. 

A love of music led me to the small university town of Monmouth, Oregon to become a classical guitar major. There I met Neil in Basic Musicianship class. Love blossomed. Before long we were sharing a passion for photography, as well. 

With access to cameras and a darkroom, Neil was soon finding any excuse to view the world through a camera lens. Photography, clearly was a calling for both of us and we opened a portrait studio in 1977. We learned from every source we could, reading, taking classes from well known photographers and business people, entering print competitions, and enrolling in the most effective university of all, SHK (School of Hard Knocks). Being run of the mill or merely competent was never enough. We had to be the best we could. Neil and I both earned our Master of Photography degrees from the Professional Photographers of America and began consulting and teaching others. 

Along the way, we kept our hand in music as much as we could, raised and family and practiced a deep faith life. One of our proudest moments was watching our daughter, Anna, enter full time ministry. 

So here we are, starting 2014 and looking learning new things and moving forward. We added metal prints to our offerings in the last year and we are adding video this year. exciting things to come.