Monday, December 10, 2007

The Haugen's Family tradition

By Autumn Hofer
Presentation Director

My family became part of the Haugen’s family fourteen years ago when my sister chose Haugen’s for her senior high school portraits.

For the next four years, the large wall portrait was displayed prominently in our hallway, as part of our family portrait gallery. And fall of 1997 found me packing up my beloved cat, Mattee, along with my entire wardrobe, for my Haugen’s experience. Soon after, my wall portrait joined my sister’s on the wall of honor, where both have graced my family home ever since.

Who could have guessed that the summer of 2007, some ten years later, I would join the Haugen’s family as an employee? And, in addition to my enjoyable work, I have continued the portrait tradition as well… my husband Tim, son Dylan (age 2 ½) and I just sat for our first Haugen’s family portrait. I have a feeling that portrait will soon join those of my sister and me on my mother’s wall, expanding the memories of family love that these special portraits create. This portrait will also have a prominent place in my own home, where we begin the second generation of the Haugen’s tradition.

Here at Haugen’s we are coming the end of our busy high school senior portrait season. I have worked with high school senior families on a daily basis, helping them chose that perfect portrait. I am looking forward to seeing these same young people in the years to come when they return for wedding and family portraits… as they continue their own Haugen’s family tradition.