Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking for a Studio Portrait for Your Family? Look no further...

This is not the time of year that most of us are looking to do outdoor portraits but there are plenty of options in the studio where it is nice and warm! Here is a little sampler of what we have....
This is our Tuscan Wall.

This background is actually blue-gray and look awesome in black and white or sepia tone.

The classic beige...

This is the Tuscan Wall again...
This is real barnwood from a reclaimed barn.
We call this our Old Master background because it evokes the feeling of  a Rembrandt painting.

Our studio is in a building that is 120 years old and we have the wall to prove it!

Black is timeless.
Here is the blue-gray background in color.
Would you like to have your face on our blog? We have more backgrounds to show and would love to have your family here!