Publicity Portraits Should Not be Boring!

I get to know the most interesting people! Yesterday it was Janie.

Janie Martin is an entertainer. I first met her as a singer with the Salem Big Band a few years back but her singing goes far beyond the big band style. She can croon or belt a song and have a crowd eating out of her hand.

When she contacted me about doing photographs for her new website, I knew that the images had to sell her dynamic personality and the way she comes to life in front of an audience. They had to show how her eyes dance and sparkle. They had to make you sit up and take notice and want to listen to her.

Janie is also a hypnotist! How cool is that? If you need a good hypnotist, be sure to visit her website.

If you want to hear her sing Big Band, you can give her a listen on YouTube.
You can also hear some more recent vocals on her new singing website.


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